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E-Girl Paradise

E-Girl Paradise

Join E-Girl Paradise today! Where we offer:

-Very active chat channels and voice chats
-Private room maker and private voice chat channels
-Tons and Tons of cute e-girls
-Giveaways including Discord Nitro, PC games, gift cards and more!
-Lots of fun bots to play games with and music bots
-Active meme channel
-Friendly community to make new friends!
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Ratings & Reviews

16 reviews
Ooooof Its Toasty Ooooof Its Toasty
One of the best, and Active servers
Hey im Toasty, and egirl paradise isnt just a server, its family. Ive been in this server since day 1, and all i can say is, they are tremendously growing in numbers and in opportunities. I reccomend joining our 100,000+ server and see for yourself!!! <3
96 days ago
b❤ b❤
Best Server Around
I’ve been in the server for awhile now and I think it’s great. Minus the spammers, everyone in the server are funny and active 24/7. This is a good meme server so if you’re a fan on memes you should definitely join.
157 days ago
marina marina
I like it!
Joined a long time ago, active fairly recently. I like joining the vcs and watching others stream games. Lots of bots as well! Overall I enjoy being on there.
171 days ago
2 3
ItsDrippySauce ItsDrippySauce
Rare and worth while server < 3
E-Girl Paradise is a pretty memey server to be in, you can be yourself and post dank content around the place just like anyone else. The chats and VC's can get extremely wild at times but with a server trending every day such as E-girl Paradise you're bound to have a new story and memories made there. Likewise, the crowd is diverse with a laid back environment for everyone.
Check out the place IMO I give it all the starts it deserves.
246 days ago