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Story of Akinea

Story of Akinea

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A war between four Kingdoms thought to have ended long ago is suddenly about to repeat itself. The Land of Akinea is at risk. The only thing stopping a country from destroying itself is an unlikely group of rebels. A group that your character could become a part of, or fight against.

What we offer:
• Discover a completely fictional fantasy world built where magic exists and the world still lies in a medieval era! We have a custom map and everything.
• Explore a total of 36 (increases are expected) areas, learning more about the country as you go!
• Take part in events where you can slay dragons, fell demons, and storm castles! Or, do your own thing! It's all fair gain, so long as you're reasonable about it!
• Meet new people from different walks of life, and maybe even make some friends through the journey.
• Have your own impact on the overarching story of Akinea, and maybe even become legend.
• Full support with character creation and any other requirements, no matter how simple or advanced.

A few quick notes to save you some time:
• Nobody gets special privilege, not even me. Equality for all, regardless of experience or position.
• We do not support borrowed content, and seek only original characters. Characters inspired by, but not taken directly from, a source are allowed.
• We are an English server, and so the ability to speak basic English is required. We don't care too much about grammar, so long as what you say makes sense.
• We are not an NSFW server. This means no internal ERP. You're free to do this in DMs, but it should not be considered canon or brought up in the main channels.

If you feel like Akinea is right for you, then feel free to join us! We look forward to meeting you and seeing what impact your characters can make, and wish you luck elsewhere if you don't feel like it's your style and decide to leave.

- Theorem#2708, server owner.
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