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Welcome to the Cosmoverse, a universe of adventure! As trouble begins to brew across the universe, fates collide as the strongest, smartest and most powerful people in the multiverse meet, fight, team or whatever else comes to mind!
By joining in this wild story you can become a Hero, Villain, or anything in between.
And when it comes to character creation the possibilities are nearly endless! You could create an evil symbiote bound on destroying all life or be a green lantern protecting the universe!

Features of this server involve:

•Several planned events and side stories.

•Plenty of planets and places to roleplay on, you could survive amongst the scary planet of Klyntar or fight with champions on Sakaar.

•Overall we just want some people to fuck around with and talk about stuff. So yeah join now!

So what are you waiting for? Join Cosmoverse today to create or take part in your own wild adventures!
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