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Roleplay Haven
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Roleplay Haven

♡ Roleplay Haven ♡

Welcome to Roleplay Haven! A server where-in you can roleplay, hangout, chill, share memes, and as well as asking someone to rp in ROBLOX! Not to mention that this server is purely for ROLEPLAYING. And as well as we're LGBTQ-friendly!

Members in Roleplay Haven are not toxic, rude, mean and also, they are very friendly! If you're alone, and you want to talk at somebody. Well, choose Roleplay Haven! We, people don't leave our members alone in the server.

We also have a lot of self-assignable roles! These roles are categorized through memes, NSFW, roleplay, and more! Remember, if you are a MINOR, we warned you not to get the NSFW role or else, it will be you're DEMISE!

Once you joined, you will be permanently part of the Roleplay Haven family! And will be forever be part of Roleplay Haven! Remember that this server is purely for roleplaying, but it could used for memes, anime, fun, and more!

One line, semi-literate, literate, and the last but not the least Novella writers, what are you waiting for?? Come join Roleplay Haven and satisfy your cravings in roleplaying in this server.

The following features we have:

❥ 25+ Color Self Assignable Roles!

❥ Tons of Self Assignable Roles and Roleplay Roles as well!

❥ SFW-Free Server. Go dirty anywhere here in Roleplay Haven.

❥ Voice Roleplaying~ !

❥ Diverse of Features!

❥ Tons of Fun Events and as well as Surprises!

❥ An Unique System for Roleplaying~ ! And that's Tupperbox, or Stellae~ !

❥ Non-Toxic and Chill Community!

❥ Friendly Staff Team~ !

❥ 101% LGBTQ-Friendly~ !

We are in need for active roleplayers and people as well~ ! Come on and join Roleplay Haven! And be part of the family of the server!

- Ashunera.
Lunar Rise Solar Fall Bumped 40 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

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Phoenix117 Phoenix117
Extremely aggressive and rude Server Owner.
This server was good in layout and system wise but god, one day into the server just proved how rude and aggressive the owner is. She sends threats, spam pings all members, bans people without reason or warning and breaks her own set server rules. Even the staff does nothing more except suppress and silence anyone that speaks out against this. Literally restricting freedom of speech and speaking out would result in an instant ban. I tried to talk about this at one point, completely chill and what happened was that I was asked to leave and my nickname was changed to something offensive by the 'great' staff. If you still join, just see the announcement channel to see what type of person is in charge of this server. I suggest you not to waste your time here and look for a better server.
50 days ago