Inkopolis' Lewd Inn

Inkopolis' Lewd Inn

We are a starting server, hoping to reel in some nice splatoon fans into our nice little Inn that's made for lustful inklings and octolings~! Come and rent a room.. spend the night.. and maybe found the love of your life~ Come and have fun with other splatoon fans! Just please don't cause issues

OCs based on other sea life are okay.
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Mandalore Mandalore
I like it, but execution could be better.
I'm not the best at reviewing things, so I'll keep things somewhat brief. Overall, I like this server since it's a fairly chill and friendly server. Most of the users there are nice a decent company, and the setting idea a good, though could maybe benefit from some exapnsion, like additional areas and multiple channels for public areas of the inn so people aren't locked out of them when there's another rp going on there. The mods, while they're a mixed bag, I feel are decent enough though could be better. They don't always have the best behavior, but they at least at willing to listen to people. An example is the forced harem that canon characters had to be a part of that Anita mentioned in her review. While the reaction to wanting it gone wasn't the best (It was only one mod that went out of line and he's since apologized.), they were willing to remove it, which I commend them for that. One big suggestion I have is that the mods become more active on the server, interacting and roleplaying more often and maybe trying to create server-wide events to keep interest up. At the moment the server is mostly inactive and most new people end up leaving within minutes for whatever reason (Which maybe the mods should look into).
120 days ago
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Anita C. Seriene Anita C. Seriene
Not bad, just needs improvements.
I had joined not too long ago and my first impression is how... empty it felt. The only people who were available were the moderators, and even so, only two of them greeted me. Activity is very minimal here, and people who come in simply lurk and seem to never participate in anything.

The minimum age requirement for this server is 18+, yet the mods allow ocs as young as 16. This may or may not sit right with those of you, especially since the youngest oc so far is 18 and the oldest seems to be 32.

When it comes to character profiles, the mods' profiles vs the users' profiles is very inconsistent. There is some information missing in the user templates, such as backstory, and information missing in some of the mods' templates. As for the character usage, not everyone is used within the universe.

There is no protocol for canon characters. Apparently, only the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook are allowed, and even then, one of the mods insists on having a "relationship" between his oc and all of them. The "relationship" kinda sounds more like they're concubines to him. Whether you find this okay or not depends on you.

Speaking of the mods, the ones I met seem nice overall. They've been helpful with things within the server, whatever they could help with. The two that are active are quite tight-knit.

The image-sharing channels are consistent, but the art isn't properly cited and some images you'd need to exercise caution around (Case in point: Saw a Smash Bros art which had some Earthbound characters showing some.... assets. Upon request of removal, mods were upset I had called it out.)

My suggestion for changes is to make all character profiles consistent, possibly source any art you didn't make, and try to be a more active mod team, since an active mod team may help boost server activity.
Le, Lord of Lust Le, Lord of Lust
Admin response
Do not fear, after reading this review we have changed to fit the basic needs. We are still at a starting stage, so some hard work is still needed. Thank you for your review
269 days ago
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Le, Lord of Lust Le, Lord of Lust
Interesting and kinky!
I'm one of the owners on the server and I quite like it! I run the first desk so I see most of the action, both sexual or not. Anyway, If you're looking for a nice little roleplay about hotels and such, then this is the server for you!
286 days ago