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rose 🥀

rose 🥀

♡ rose is a community with full of amazing people! Share all your interests with us and make new friends! ♡
〔✿ We are a nice community with friendly and caring members ! [ check rules before entering lounge ]˚.༄||
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natsuram natsuram
Owner is Racist and Member hungry
This is one of those that deserves a 0 star that I can't give, the owner is racist, and only cares about getting more members and boosts. It's really not a good place to be, I don't recommend.
229 days ago
Narcissus Narcissus
It's the okay amount of okay
It's pretty alright for a new server.
Would not recommend joining if you're weird af tho, they don't like that rip.
It'd be better if they did.
315 days ago
Jahseh Jahseh
Wonderful Aesthetics
"This server reminds me of god, I didn't believe in god but it reminds me of it" - Aldo. it is so pretty and cool it has tons of cool self roles a cool & caring owner and positivity. It's 13+, really friendly and chill.
316 days ago