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Weathering With You

Weathering With You

Hello, A small growing, friendly community hoping to meet new people. A place that's looking to make new friends.

✔Variety of enjoyable bots
✔Self roles and colours
✔Friendly staff
✔A growing community
✔A nontoxic environment
✔All kinds of fun channels (we can add more if you want)

We welcome every new people to talk with us

So come join us we are waiting for you.
Raccoon Bumped 224 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
Chocolate Chocolate
I joined to meet and make new friends and i was suprised to have made a ton of friends from this server, some including in the staff and other regular members!
278 days ago
Soma Hanikeri Soma Hanikeri
Good Server!
The server is amazing, it's very organised with a nice dark theme. The members are very welcoming and funny to have conversations with, the staff are very hard working and nice!
281 days ago
Woo Woo
Awesome server!
everyone's super friendly and very open to welcoming new people. Treat everyone with respect.
282 days ago