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Beach Club

We're a fun, friendly, chill, close group of friends who play games together! We also chill in voice and do karaoke/movie nights!

» Tight-knit community (most regulars know each other)
» Nitro Boosted
» Active 24/7 (active voice channels and chats)
» Self-roles
» VIP perks (nitro boosters, etc.)
» We play various games together
» Karaoke Nights
» Movie Nights
» Lots of emojis
» Friendly and inclusive
» LGBTQ friendly
» Our very own private Minecraft server
» Server events
» Lots of cute boys and girls uwu
» We have Twitch streamers
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Ratings & Reviews

29 reviews
yalimayu yalimayu
Really fun and great community!!
I feel super comfortable and it’s a really great place meet new people and be yourself, join it won’t be a let down!
9 hours ago
chaoticandi chaoticandi
Lovely Community
I love how wholesome this server makes me feel. Pretty much anyone can be entertained. I highly recommend this server for making new friends!!
10 days ago
Liinu Liinu
Literall wholesome community
This server is 99.9% makes you comfortable. In this server you will meet a lot of friendly filipinos and from the other countries too... but mostly filipinos. Don't worry we speak in english than filipino. Come and join us. ^^
10 days ago
Res Res
One fo the best
Had a great first day on the server people were open and friendly it wasn't hard to talk to them I advise you to join and experience a new online family ♥️♥️
10 days ago