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MishMash Roleplay!

Sick of looking for an RP server that can fit your character's needs? Want to participate in different types of roleplay without searching for other servers? Need a place that isn't filled with convoluted lore but isn't shallow? Well, you're in luck! MishMash RP is here to appeal to everybody!

Our server offers an overwhelming amount of things to do, but the main focus is the three categories. Let's go over how the server works.

You have a choice of taking your OC (or canon character, we'll get to that in a second) to one of three categories. Each category is filled with detailed but also still vague (so to leave room for interpretation) location channels for your character to mess around with! The three categories are as follows:

Casual - A site for easy-access RP, wacky antics, quick storytelling, and dumb fun!

Story - Story is split into two subgenres! Story is all about telling a story and is for more literate writers and story-focused RPers. Whether you wish to RP in the mysterious and fantasy-filled/sci-fi themed planet of Unitas or the slice-of-life district on Lunitas, this category can bring some emotional, powerful, or intriguing moments!

Crossover - The most unique category, Crossover allows you to claim a character from a piece of fictional media and throw them into areas to interact with other "canon characters."

On top of this, we also offer...

* TONS of roles to let people get to know who you are!
* An option to opt-out of @ everyone pings, because let's face it. Sometimes, you don't give a CRAP about how the server is being updated.
* Our own comic that takes place in a semi-accurate version of Casual RP! (We are searching for artists! If you plan on RPing often and can draw well, please come and join!)
* Loads of extra channels like Character QnA, Joke Bios, a self-RP and writing channel, polls, and more!
* A server owner that will put YOUR needs above his own!
* And even MORE!

Despite our relatively small size, our server is extremely active and loves new members! If any part of our description interested you, we implore you to join the family!

Happy Roleplaying!
MS👻speepit👻The hellfire🔥 Bumped 16 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews
Arkham Dawn Arkham Dawn
Broken into several categories and sections that should be sufficient for any role-player, this server has friendly (and humorous) staff. Recommended for those who enjoy casual fun, in-depth storytelling, or crossover fun.
94 days ago
Štrētçhër Štrētçhër
Fairly good !
This server is good ! Friendly people, friendly admin,and they accept all kind of character you can imagine ! I was somewhat shy at the beginning but now it's ok !
Only have some problem with some horny f*cker,but the server is still great anyway
This server is good,you should join it
I will choose this server
139 days ago
🔥Xavier🔥 🔥Xavier🔥
Amazing Server
MishMash Roleplay is an awesome roleplay server, whether your a serious or just a casual roleplayer, you can have fun roleplaying in this amazing server! You can also do Cross-over RP, which is where you are able to take a character from your favorite video game and use him/her!! I really suggest you join this server, amazing roleplayer!! :DD
140 days ago
Fluddulation Fluddulation
Full of Potential
Being the owner of the server, I could easily just give my own server a five-star score and call it a day, but I will admit that the server isn't perfect. The main issue is that certain areas of the server are unbalanced in activity and that the server is still far too small to achieve many of its prestigious goals.

That being said, the server more than makes up for it in one of the most fun and interesting gimmicks in any RP server. The server doesn't require Members to be involved in all 3 categories and is extremely flexible for people of all experience. The rules aren't strict but are very much existent to keep the place from becoming a horrendous and unmanaged trash hole and the locations offer so much RP potential, its stunning.

I created the server because I couldn't find a server that fit my needs, but it ended up blossoming into something so much more greater that only continues to get better and better. No server is truly perfect, but this is filled with so much potential that, if fulfilled, can bring it to near perfection.
141 days ago