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Sick of looking for an RP server that can fit your character's needs? Want to participate in different types of roleplay without searching for other servers? Need a place that isn't filled with convoluted lore but isn't shallow? Well, you're in luck! MishMash RP is here to appeal to everybody!

Our server offers an overwhelming amount of things to do, but the main focus is the three categories. Let's go over how the server works.

You have a choice of taking your OC (or canon character, we'll get to that in a second) to one of three categories. Each category is filled with detailed but also still vague (so to leave room for interpretation) location channels for your character to mess around with! The three categories are as follows:

Casual - A site for easy-access RP, wacky antics, quick storytelling, and dumb fun!

Serious - Taking place on the foreign and mysterious planet Unitas, each location is extra detailed to keep things consistent. Serious is all about telling a story and is for more literate and story-focused RPers.

Crossover - The most unique category, Crossover allows you to claim a character from a piece of fictional media and throw them into areas to interact with other "canon characters."

On top of this, we also offer...

* TONS of roles to let people get to know who you are!
* An option to opt-out of @ everyone pings, because let's face it. Sometimes, you don't give a CRAP about how the server is being updated.
* Our own comic that takes place in a semi-accurate version of Casual RP!
* Loads of extra channels like Character QnA, a self-RP and writing channel, VG discussion, polls, and more!
* A server owner that will put YOUR needs above his own!
* And even MORE!

Despite our relatively small size, our server is extremely active and loves new members! If any part of our description interested you, we implore you to join the family!

Happy Roleplaying!
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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews
erin_the_wolf_thing erin_the_wolf_thing
On the small side but worth a shot.
I've been in many rp servers now, and hands down, this is the best one yet. As other reviews have stated, the people here are some of the best you could find. The roleplay part of the server is active consistaly with many different types of roleplayers and writing styles. When joining, selecting roles is not difficult and the rules are relaxed as far as I'm concerned. One big plus is that the owner is active and engages with the server as a whole.
Poppy and friends! (aka ocs) Poppy and friends! (aka ocs)
I love it
it is an amazing sever with so many people, you get to create whatever oc you desire, you get to play in three sections, crossover rp, serious rp, and casual rp and so many other cool stuff!
Glory Glory
The server is more then fantastic. Nice community and the roleplay is fun and engaging. I would recommend it to people who are used to roleplay and new people!
mch mch
Friendly and welcoming!
I only just joined today, but with the help of staff and other roleplayers, I was on my feet and ready to get started almost immediately! The concept of the multi-styled rping in this server is intriguing and caters to all roleplayers! Very cool. Would recommend to all my roleplaying buddies.