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♡ the coven of love ♡

♡ the coven of love ♡

♡Welcome to the coven of love!♡
This is a safe space for witches our mission is to empower each-other and grow together. Although this is technically a coven, Those who are simply curious about witchcraft are welcome here:two_hearts:
We have worked hard to create a loving and inclusive environment that caters to everyone especially baby-witches
Rael Bumped 406 days ago

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A Busy Magus A Busy Magus
Open to All, Accepting of All
Very positive and respectful community. Members try to grow in their own processes yet include others.
414 days ago
Dagheidr Dagheidr
Minors can see NSFW channels
I’m laughing my ass off. Doesn’t matter what discord’s TOS are. we’re talking about the actual law here. if someone doesn’t want to provide their license info they don’t have to, don’t get the perms. literally said that below already. google the law and educate yourself because you’ll find that this? is very much so illegal. don’t tell me asking for license info to cover up and excuse the fact that you’re literally doing something else illegal. yikes!

Minors can see NSFW channels. Would highly recommend changing this because it’s highly illegal to distribute porn to minors, and I thought y’all even had a rule about porn. Was about to leave because of some other drama when I noticed it. Gross.

and before someone says that the channel is tagged NSFW— it doesn’t matter. minors can still see the channel. both the minor and the person in charge and sending it can literally go to jail for this. there is no excuse. get a verification system ffs. it’s not that hard to ask someone for a picture of the DOB on their license to prove they’re of or above age. you can literally black out personal info and just have the photo and DOB for proof. if not, you don’t get access. easy.
Rael Rael
Admin response
The NSFW servers are labeled correctly according to discord TOS.
You aren't allowed by law to demand such things as scan of ID or driving license - and you could be reported for that. Minros can also pretend being 18 our server purpose is to teach people witchcraft not focus on nfsw channel lls. If they bother you you can also ignore them, discord have option for it. I suggest you to read TOS with understanding.
414 days ago
Rael Rael
Fresh but friendly
Very fresh and friendly community created for all witches, especially baby ones.
Slowly growing up with good atmosphere !

429 days ago