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The Prophets Mastermind Group

Hey Traders and Investors!

We are The Prophets Mastermind Group (proud sponsor of Webull, one of the best commission free brokerage app) are an ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE Discord community regarding the stock/crypto/forex markets!

What makes The Prophets Mastermind Group so special?
- We have a 100% FREE TRADING BOT built by one of the founders for Bitcoin, Apple, Tesla, Disney, Facebook! (Alerts for buy and sell opportunities for these companies and Bitcoin digital currency) 💰
- We update daily community watch-lists 📈
- We have active and passionate Trading Mentors for your assistance! 💡
- We have a wide range of traders and experience level! 👀
- We respect all experience levels and trading strategies! 🔥
- Daily and active community discussions about the stock/crypto/forex markets! 🔑

We are an open minded and passionate community that follows the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Day traders, Swing traders, Option traders, Long term investors, Crypto traders/investors are all welcome! Not to mention, We have Stockbot, and other bots for stock market news, cryptocurrency news, and President Trump's tweets! Lastly, we have a youtube channel where we post information and analysis regarding the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Join the Prophets Mastermind Group if you want to learn how to make profits!


Instagram: theprophetsmastermindgroup

The Prophets Mastermind Group Discord Server:
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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews
Esdeath Partas Azazel Esdeath Partas Azazel
Very Helpful, and Chill
The people here are helpful, and friendly, I have learned a bit about investing from some of the people here.
El Lazo El Lazo
New Member Review
After deciding to begin researching DIY investing & understanding the markets, I happened along this discord. The channel mentors have been a tremendous help in assisting me in understanding the fundamentals of investing & technical analysis! The community is warm, welcoming, and extremely quick to provide help & insight into the daunting world of stock trading. Definitely pop in if you're enthusiastic about trading (stocks, forex, or crypto!)
Mr.Cheeze Mr.Cheeze
Best discord server!
This discord server has one of the best team and group of individuals with diverse strategies and techniques used to profit in the market. Hence why we are called the Prophets. (double meanings) Anyone with questions and willingness to learn in this group will definitely be helped out!
Chart Doctor Chart Doctor
We have people with different specialties and trading strategies in here.
whether you enjoy fundamental or technical analysis, bear etf's, dividend trading, day trading, swing trading, longterm investing, or options trading. We have a diverse amount of people in here and passionate trading mentors!