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Avaylen: Modern Magics
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Avaylen: Modern Magics

Greetings. This is the automated Octice monitoring message sent to all peoples with uncertain backgrounds. To lessen the risk of your own imprisonment, please report to the nearest Octice Observation Center to take the Magical Aptitude test, so we can put on your record your magical capabilities. If you know or have seen someone with dangerous magic, please report them to the nearest Octice officer, and they will be... Removed.

DoubleJ Bumped 174 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

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SomeoneOfMildConsequence SomeoneOfMildConsequence
Pretty dead and bland
For a server made around two months ago, it has a total of eight people.

The lore is incredibly bland, going for the generic “yeah just make it up as you go and also magic is rare”.

The characters consist of - some guy with sniper vision, several sad special snowflakes, some weird attempt at a mind controlling femme fatale and a mind reader.

Overall, you’re better off settling for a modern fantasy server with actual quality content and lore.
DoubleJ DoubleJ
Admin response
While I respect your opinion, there were a few assumptions made on your part, and I would like to correct them. Yes, the server was made two months ago. But if memory serves me correctly, I only invited other people to it starting a week ago. The lore is very detailed and thought out, and is still ACTIVELY being written and revised, as the server is still young. You never bothered to ask questions, so not knowing any of the details or hours of conversation that happened in DMs to ensure that no ability was abused, you wrote a one star review less than a half hour after joining the server. Had you said more than 3 lines on the server, maybe I would have a better idea on how to make it a better experience for you. Thank you for your review, have a good day.
236 days ago
DoubleJ DoubleJ
New server, but great lore!
Allright, not going to lie. I am the server owner. But, I felt the need to let anybody who cares enough to look at the reviews know that this is a very new server. So please, cut me a break, aight?
240 days ago