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Owned By PurifiedPizza
Save The World Helpers and Trades
🏛Weekly giveaways
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🏛Fully Trusted Middleman
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Ratings & Reviews

21 reviews
Hunter Sung Jin-Woo Hunter Sung Jin-Woo
Very friendly and positive community.
A lot of people to talk with and to help, its a pretty chill server good place to talk freely.
The staff is pretty helpful and kind.
7 days ago
ShadowRaven ShadowRaven
Great. Totally recommended.
This server made me get alot of good stuff in STW very quickly. And I only sold stuff that I had lying in my storage for very long time. U also get free sunbeam every 10 MEE6 levels. Chat is active, and people are nice.
7 days ago
Why? Why?
Server review
I like pizza gang because there is good staff and nice members most of the time. I have also been there for a while now
39 days ago
AtomicToaster AtomicToaster
Spectacular Server
I’ve been in Pizza Gang since the day it was created almost a year ago, and I’ve had someone the best experiences possible. The staff are so caring and will always help out, along with trusted mm and crafters. This is a great server to join if your looking to have good time and meet some new faces!!
46 days ago