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Splatoween & Spooky Friends! 🎃
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Splatoween & Spooky Friends! 🎃

We're a new, friendly Splatoon server looking for some new friends to hang out and compete with! Not only do we host regular private battles, we even have our own custom Splatfests so the fun doesn't have to end after 5.0.0!
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3 reviews
galixtels galixtels
New Friends, New Opportunity
Being here since the beginning of this server, I’ve made so many new friends and keep my modding skills in check. This server offered an amazing way to make new friends and reignite the love I had for this old game. I love this server so much <3
Toga Toga
A loving server!
I love this server so much! Everybody here is friendly and kind! I 100% would say to join this server! The splatfests are always fun! I hope you enjoy the server too! 🤗
stryolk stryolk
great server !
super friendly and welcoming staff and members! really fun people to talk and play with. Can't recommend this server enough. Haven't had such a nice experience on a splatoon server.