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You’ve been invited to join the dazzling Crystal High! Will you be a malicious villain, a everyday civilian, a dedicated student, or maybe even a mysterious teacher? Here, we offer:

💠 A lovely, perpetually growing community!

💠A big, wide world of RP for you to put both your characters and time into!

💠The chance to meet wonderful individuals and form bonds!

💠Memes for the cultured folk out there.

💠 We include multiple bots,and events to ensure that none of you get bored.

💠 We hold events nearly every week to ensure that the rp never dies.

💠 We have various monsters for you to face off,will you fight or flee. Tame or shame?

💠 We are kinky at times...

💠 We include bots such as:
-Dank member
-Slot bot

💠Your character can become a hybrid with mystical and mysterious powers, got any plans yet UwU

💠 Have fun!

💠 We have an ever growing list of mythical beasts and majestic creatures, all awaiting you to own them...

Do you want to join this world and make a new path? Then don’t hesitate! We would love to see you here with us-

Shadow, the winter loving boi Bumped 98 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Shadow, the winter loving boi Shadow, the winter loving boi
Absolutely great
Coming from a non-biased, voice of reason, I can say this server is overall amazing but definitely not perfect. I’d like yo list a few things that might make you keep your distance
1) We get a lot of grievers
2)People say we act immature and unprofessional
3)Some people here can be very strict
4)There are a lot of one liners
Now I realize by me saying only bad things would drive people away so I’ll list things that counteract those bad things
1)They take care of them in 5-10 minutes, give or take
2)They are NOT professionals
3)We kinda of have to be at times. Without the strict admins and owners there would be too many OP OCs
4)Some people don’t find enjoyment in typing out paragraphs just to do a simple action
I hope that I can see you here and we can chat ^^
290 days ago
last_greentea☕ last_greentea☕
Terrible server
This is a terrible server, the owner is literally never online and when he is he is making things worse for everyone, by rping with really op characters and killing off people's oc's, and when people try to confront him about it he just ignores it. I would not recommend this server and dont listen to the fake reviews by the admins to give the server a higher rating, the server is really bad and the mods dont do anything other than argue with each other or just stay there to talk and not do there job, and also the server has a literal womanizer/sexist on the server as a mod, and the mods dont do anything about it, even though multiple people complain about him for being sexist towards girls they still refuse to do anything. And also dont be fooled they might seem nice when you just join but trust me, after a while their true colors will show and be really rude and aggressive. And they start drama all the time about stupid things, like one of the mods started getting into an argument with everyone for posting one picture in main chat, and again the owner didnt do anything about it, and yes they make him leave but the next day they just added him back to the server and gave him back his mod, I'm not even making this up!. This server is really negative, and if you are looking to get depression or anxiety then I would recommend this server to you. Trust me, stay away from this server!
Shadow, the winter loving boi Shadow, the winter loving boi
Admin response
I would like to say that, since this is the top critical review, that the owner has left and we have hired new admins and got rid of many old ones. We also did a massive purge of people. I hope that we can make it up to any new person that joins.
290 days ago
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Zenith★ Zenith★
Cool place to hang out
Even though it is an RP server, I must agree. The community is both wacky and serious, its the best of both worlds...they have things for everyone, such as various bots and the owners guide new role players throughout their entire journey. I'm serious when I say, the community is great
291 days ago
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Lunar Lucifer ζ͜͡✫ Lunar Lucifer ζ͜͡✫
We follow heart.
Most people might disagree with when I say, we do most of our things based on emotion. If someone hurts you, the natural tendency is to hurt back to ignore If your strong willed. Even though we aren't literate, we got the spirit and do it for fun. That's the entire point of this server :
•To have fun
•To ensure nobody feels wronged, even though I do this at times... I have learned through my mistakes and now we take into consideration everyone's thoughts and emotions.

If you wanna have fun, join. If you find Rp as an obligation to yourself, then please stay away.

People can call us jokes....they can call us imbeciles but what they can't call the people of the server is heartless.

I rest my case, we would love to see you in the server. Thank you💜
292 days ago