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The Kitchen Table

Here at the Kitchen Table, we welcome the polyamorous and the polycurious alike. If you've ever wanted to find a community with friendly, inclusive, and supportive like-minded people we're your one-stop-shop for everything your limitless heart could desire.

- 18+ verified NSFW channels.
- Mature, active community
- Plenty of self assignable roles.
- Hands off staff that support and preserve the community feel.
- Regular VC events.
- Games nights.
- Laidback general chat.
- Dedicated support and discussion channels.

There is a seat for everyone at our Table, please come and see for yourself.
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Ratings & Reviews

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prowerfox prowerfox
I found a village
I am just impressed by the wonderful community, from the Admin team (which I am part of), to the many members who make it awesome. Before Admin, I was impressed with the cohesion and up-front nature of the Admin team and the community as a whole. I come to hang out, to help, and to connect and this is one of the friendliest places I've been!

Even when issues come up the whole community stands behind finding a good, constructive solution instead of bandwagons and lynchings. I love this place!
BuddhaLeDread BuddhaLeDread
Supportive and fun community
Just like anything, anyone, anywhere, I'm sure we're not going to be everyone's cup of tea. But I feel so grateful to drink from this cup! I feel like I found my people and it's only an odd coincidence that we're also practicing ethical non-monogamy. Everyone is open to hearing dialogue from any point of view and angle and provide open and honest dialogue in return but always with compassion and empathy at play. It's my go-to place when I have tough questions or simply having a tough day and need some extra love and support.
wiseass_witch_ wiseass_witch_
Big Yup.
Good humans abound in this server. Respectful, honest, caring and supportive— these humans are exemplary and foster a wonderful community of growth and acceptance.
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WhimsyKat WhimsyKat
Great Place, People, and Info
This server has been pretty great. It's the server I'm the most active on, and it's helped me grow in ways I don't think I would have if I hadn't met so many people with differing points of view.

The server is filled with people who are actually polyamorous in varying degrees and styles. This is a discussion server, not a hookup server, and the admin team does a great job of stopping toxic behavior.

I don't always agree with every admin choice, and there are a few users I have trouble connecting with, but this has been an overwhelmingly positive server in my life. It's LGBT+ friendly, and it doesn't tolerate bigotry of any kind. Great advice is given, and most people on here are willing to learn and grow when missteps are made here and there because we recognize we're all people from different walks of life.