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DayZ N' Chill - Livonia Coming Soon
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DayZ N' Chill - Livonia Coming Soon


DayZ N' Chill
A New Day Z Community for the world to Enjoy! Our focus is on having fun and with currently over 300 members spanning all over the world, we hope that one day we can grow to become one of the largest Day Z communities.

There’s a Custom Server as well. Max Ram, Private Server Called DAYZ N' CHILL.
Brand New/Fresh as of 10/26/19.

🌱 Organically Grown, Team Based, PvP with a Community Atmosphere.
🦹‍♀️ Encouraged Role Playing, Base Building & Trading.
☀️ 4 Hours Day/.5 Hour Night - Third person camera angle
🏕 Player Bases can be raided, However we ask all players to refrain from completely destroying entire bases.
⏲ Server resets every 6 hours.

DayZ N' CHILL will be a server mainly focused on the organic side of DayZ. Not a FuckTon of rules, forced events or over-moderation. We invite ALL players of the community to join us in building Massive Trading Towns, enjoying the casual PvP encounters and talking shit. If that’s you, Welcome.

Good Luck, if you have Questions please ask. .
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Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
Miststep Miststep
Most Enjoyment I’ve Ever Had!
As a newcomer I have been treated to a plethora of content, multiple clans, people and events, a trade post to get along and much, much more.


There are quite the diverse selection of clans too choose from, whether you’re new, long time PvP player or just trying to relax in a fun and varying group of players.

Main clans in the server include:

Resistance/The Northern Mercernaries: PvP clans stacked with the top PvP players simply out to rack up the kills to their name.

Boogymen: A very positive clan of people up to have some fun, loot up and have a fun time doing events, trading or just surviving, a extremely friendly clan for any newcomers that want to jump straight into enjoying themselves with a friendly group.

The 502: A new group containing a emerging scene of great teamwork and offering solid help to beginner’s into getting situated into the PvP/raw survival side of the game.

(There are other groups but these are the main at the time being of this review)

Roles: Anyone from any clan can become a Trader, Medic or just roll out playing organically, you can run solo if you wish. There is also a safe zone at Vybor in which the trade post is located offering you a selection into anything you would want for the right price and an area to get some rest from the fears of Chenarus or to make some new friends!

Events: Weekly or even daily the server holds PvP events to earn custom titles and the chance to experience a huge battle, these usually take place at NWAF however you can always suggest your ideas in the discord.

Finally I would just like to say as a player of this server this is one of the best servers I have ever played on period and would love for more people to give it a shot!
Kimay Kimay
Great discord community with an amazing dayZ server
Title speaks for itself. This server is active with great people which makes the DayZ experience much better
Never Dull!
Love this room! So fun with guys bantering and the real community vibe they got going!