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Fantasy of Worlds

Fantasy of Worlds. Nothing much to really say about it! A server with lore, some freedom, and interesting and dynamic areas! You really have to come see it to believe it! I'd rather keep it all secret, so you can be surprised when you join!
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rats 🐀 rats 🐀
Just look away. It's kinda dead.
Place is inactive, dude. I've been here for days and there's no activity. And no, the story is not worth the wait.
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What? What?
Lore is dry and shallow and the administration is even worse.
This hits the exact same notes as it's sister server, Multiverse of Apollo since it's run by the exact same disgusting people. It's simple. The lore is shallow and largely unnoteworthy and the roleplay is shallow and uninteresting. Most of the administrators possess godlike characters despite their rules against Mary Sues, which only applies to anything outside their little circle. Got a disguise? They'll see through it instantly. Threatening their character? They'll blast you into oblivion. Want to actually roleplay with normal, functioning people? You'll get bored and leave due to the lore, which feels like it was written on the back of a bar napkin. If you're a skilled writer do not invest your time in this dying tire-fire.
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RatLord RatLord
Cool Server, would recommend
The server is definitely one of the better role play servers out there, The staff are welcoming and friendly most of the time and are over all really cool people, the lore of the Server is interesting as well once you really get into it.

Most people here are semi-literate to Literate role players, and while sometimes it can be Inactive, I love the server!.
⭐Star Lord⭐ ⭐Star Lord⭐
Mediocre lore. Worse roleplay.
I'd give this one a pass. It's lore is more or less passable but the roleplays will make you gag and choke. Not only that, but the staff are some pretty petty and childish people. Give it a miss.
Champion_Zack 💎 Champion_Zack 💎
Admin response
Funny how this review came from a person who was banned because of several past incidents. Believe this if you would like, you are sorely missing out. ^^