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crows wing coven
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crows wing coven

merry meet! this is a server for witches and pagans to practice and learn together! sort of like a coven but less strict! we are LGBT friendly ! no terfs or nazis allowed! sexism and racism will not be tolerated!
a very small group so far, so please consider stopping by!
☾suggestions are accepted!
☾tarot readers!
☾resources for baby witches! including pdfs of magickal grimoires!
Tyrus Bumped 264 days ago

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wywhait wywhait
A warm community
A welcoming, friendly community for new and experienced witches alike. Everyone is supportive and open to new ideas, and the list of witchy resources is constantly growing. There are always opportunities for sharing tarot readings and initiating group rituals or celebrations. Overall a cute and cozy coven to feel at home in!
268 days ago
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Troy Troy
Great for Beginners!
This server i find to be so nice because it isn't a huge server but not a small one either. A perfect balance between them both! They have members with all sorts of different levels of experience and there is always someone willing to help those who have questions or just starting the craft! Most defiantly recommend it!
268 days ago