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Libbeh’s Bat-Cave
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Libbeh’s Bat-Cave

We’re a new community-based server designed on bringing all sorts of people together. No matter your interest or hobbies, we’ll do our best to welcome you into our community and allow you to meet a bunch of great friends! ^o^

We have:
• Music Bots
• Colour roles
• Channels for art, games, fashion, etc.
• Lots of bots with fun features
• Welcoming and supportive staff

If you’re looking for a welcoming and close-knit community, this is the server for you!
SterWorld Bumped 1 hour ago

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blue blue
Join if you're chill but if you're creepy we'll beat yo ass, also i need to hit 80 characters so wassup how are ya lets go for a drink later oh you're a dude okay bye
106 days ago
SterWorld SterWorld
Why you should join.
Just join :D

What would you lose from joining the server .3.

P.S. Take my server bump and we are going have a problem -_-

P.P.S Just kidding about the bump thing your free to help the server out as well if you want : )

188 days ago
*Aether* *Aether*
Libbeh's Good Cave of Community
This server is just starting out and already has a nice, quaint and calm community, full of respect, laughs and memes. The server is growing at a nice pace and we are all growing along with it.
239 days ago