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Ruins of the Old Order
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Ruins of the Old Order

Have you ever wanted to be a warlord? To conquer vast swaths of land and rule over them as you see fit. Maybe you want to restore freedom and liberty to the land. Or you could rule over your new territory as the monarchs of old did as you put the peasantry back in their place. Hell, maybe you want to create some weird cult that worships bagged milk! Well fret not friend, for now you can!

Welcome to the wastes of 2057! About 40 years ago, mankind wiped the slate clean with nuclear hellfire. There surely is no better social engineering tool than the nuclear bomb. Turns out people are much more open to your ideas when they’re starving and you have a gun threatening to take away their crops if they don’t comply. Anyway, come join us! You can:
- Create a weird cult
- Revive a dead language, culture, or religion
- Commit crimes against both humanity and God
- Achieve communism as Posadas would’ve wanted
- Squash those who speak of human rights, what idiots
- Be a normal nation like a cuck
- And much more!
So join us! Or give me your food. *pulls out a gun* I mean it!
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
prisman prisman
Pretty fun
It attempts to be something nearly resembling realistic, and the moderators actually try to make the experience user friendly (to the dismay of people who rated 1 star). All-in-all, if you're a serious rper, this is for you.
280 days ago
Danse Macardbre Danse Macardbre
Other reviewers are basically cunts
Aight: so this one guy didn’t like the server, because no one liked him (because he was a massive cunt the entire time he was there, basically did nothing but attack people irp and bitch orp), and was a shit rper. So he got his friends to review bomb/mass report the server and create a fuckton of drama. The server itself is fine, there’s good RPers and staff.
284 days ago
2 1
chase chase
its just abuse after abuse after abuse, the owner is a fucking 12 year old (gonna report him to discord for that) and the staff are just as incompetent
284 days ago
1 1
oom commander droid oom commander droid
lost my last 2 brain cells here
abusive staff, incompetent owner, all in all the server is just toxic as fuck, incompetent, and unrealistic
284 days ago