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OakVille High

OakVille High

The year is 2389. The world has changed much, do to a virus that swept across the world in 2020. It gave certain people the attributes of species once thought to be of myth's and urban legends, fantasy even. Through time it had been found that the virus had brought back species of old. Those species went back to the birthplaces, and discovered forgotten relics of the past. With these relics, they brought back magic, something that had been long forgotten. However, the public and most of the world was scared, so all the kids were sent to a different continent, that had been discovered in 2100, when most of these events take place. The Continent was called "Eldaria" which has a similar shape to England, but a lot bigger. Schools across Eldaria were set up, along with towns and villages. All of those who are able to cast magic were sent here, and have the basic laws and necessities of a nation. In 2250, the nation had a war. They won the war, and during the peace treaty, they were allowed to set up schools across the globe, allowing children to attend school and go back into normal society. However, this deal would take several years to complete, and wouldn't be in place until 2380. When the schools where finished, the public were outraged, but were quickly silence by the powerful sorcerers. These schools are only allowed for those of magic powers and there families...
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TheTrulyBrokenKing TheTrulyBrokenKing
Pretty great server all in all. Kinda inactive but the staff are nice, and the rp system is intresting.