SCP Foundation: Site-19 | Reworking

SCP Foundation: Site-19 | Reworking

**SCP Foundation : Site-19**
We are low on personnel and we lost lots of scp during a containment breach and they are roaming free. We are looking for new personnel, security, and NTF to re-contain any and all escaped SCPs, and save the world from this horrible nightmare.

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Ratings & Reviews

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FidoDaDawg FidoDaDawg
The Server, RP and Staff
I was the first member joining the server and the Owner was a very nice person. After a few minutes of talking with him, a few more people joined and I ended up making friends and a future kick-start of the RP. More and more people joined and ending being an entire community of people who just want to RP and experience the moments. I suggest joining if you haven't already and join in on the fun that's happening in the server. Not only are there nice people but there are tons of driven stories that are happening and you can make your own as well and have people even join it. This community wouldn't be one if it wasn't for the people who joined and that would include you if you were to join.
159 days ago
ThatsAFrog ThatsAFrog
this server is very fun, and there is always guaranteed to be at least a few people willing to RP. this site does have issues with time zones (for example, some people will be RPing more in a different timezone than yours) but other than that, its really cool
164 days ago
Jude. Jude.
good server!
I have a lot of fun here, the members are nice, and honestly, this group deserves more active people.
244 days ago