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What Remains
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What Remains

☠☠☠☠What Remains?☠☠☠☠

Four and a half years have passed since the outbreak happened, in that time an already strained lifestyle has been made even harder, with no supplies or goods freshly manufactured and restocked in stores any more already dwindling supplies are even more scarce forcing survivors to think outside the box or search further afield for precious food, ammo, medication and fuel, and ration what little they have carefully.

Over the last few years the shambling undead have become more vicious and mutated to forms not originally seen, an evolution that tilts the favor in the infected favor and not so much for the survivors, all the variants now more deadly and with new tricks up there rotten sleeves to catch out survivors without there wits about them and kill them viciously.

Due to no maintenance, the dam gave way and flooded parts of the city, submerging areas and ruling out them as habitable unless folk are crazy or determined enough to make a try of it when the dam went so to did easy access to power leaving those with generators such as preppers or bases who planned for such eventualities only able to keep power whilst no longer able to rely on the main grid for it.

Things are harder all around for survivors but none the less they keep on trying to survive hoping for there to be an end to this dark tunnel at some point and hope maybe one day normality may return or the very least things become more bearable for future generations.


★Its been 4.5 years in rp so lots of new stuff to come!
▶Play as a Werewolf, Werecat, Lizard strain, Vampire, or winged human.
⭐ Reward system
✨Or a reward strain of the virus such as playable zombie ones.
👥 Friendly and helpful staff.
🤖 Fun bot
🗳 Suggestions Welcome
🖱Self roles
🌈 Free of discrimination and hate speech
🌟 Fun Events
🖋 Welcome people of all writing ability
🏕 Lots of places to explore

⚠Also, there is a copy cat server out there going bye the dead man's wonderland do not be fooled they are not us. The owner stole out info and is using it for themselves because they got banned from this server.⚠

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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Chad Chad
Great server!
Hello there!

Hereby my review of this particular server, which I have so far very much enjoyed! The server is friendly, with a good, supportive basis and active members. There is a good amount of lore to be worked with, which only adds to the grade! The roleplay choices are near endless, with a lot of different channels and categories!

The only thing that some people may find a little difficult, will be as to which races (or, as they're called in the server, strains) are playable, which aren't, and which could be unlocked with activity. It would be nice to see an elaboration in the channels stating these strains, or a minor reshuffling, so the order of the channels is a bit more organised.

All in all a great server, definitely worth your while! Thank you!
Nom_Mom Nom_Mom
Admin response
If you have suggestion for order I would be more than happy to hear you out. I love to make my server easy for everyone to use. As far as buying strains goes it is to keep people working for a goal and I don't charge crazy money in fact the money is server cash which is easy to obtain.

Again thank you for the wonderful review it helps in making this server better! I hope that more people would come and enjoy it too.
57 days ago
cicero cicero
This server is my home
Simply put, dead of night has become my home server, I love it, I have been here for a few months, and it never ceases to make me smile, from the people, to the rolepleay itself
Nom_Mom Nom_Mom
Admin response
Thank you so much for taking the time to review Dead of Night, it makes me so happy that it brings you joy! However, a lot of joy is brought with you being there. *hugs*
57 days ago
The Void Of Judgement The Void Of Judgement
A safe place to be
there are amazing staff every one is very friendly to everyone,its a accepting place for everyone and very inclusive. there are a lot of different things to RP as and are all fun and its not hard to find someone to RP with. all in all i enjoy the server greatly and would recommend this to anyone
Nom_Mom Nom_Mom
Admin response
Awe thank you! We love you too!
58 days ago
5 1
Gottowin28 Gottowin28
Amazing server
Has Amazing staff to is fun including You can be a vampire or werewolf or werecat and recently a lizard like creature but it's fun and staff are nice and I like the economy in this server
Nom_Mom Nom_Mom
Admin response
Awe ty sweetie! Your an amazing person!
143 days ago