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Welcome to DGP! Our goal is to help you grow or improve your server and social media, and we provide not just channels to advertise, but resources to grow from effective outside sources, as well as tips and tricks to use these resources effectively.

We provide you with:

🌀 A multitude of channels to advertise your server in (4 ads per day allowed).

🌀 300 amazing, adorable, and funny emojis! (Level 2 Nitro boosted!).

🌀 Channels for advertising your social media, art videos, and more

🌀 Channels for memes, photography, artwork, introductions, and more!.

🌀 Channels for growth advice, finding partners, finding staff, bot help, etc.

🌀 Partnerships, alliances, giveaways, shoutouts, and other extras to help you grow.

🌀 A new modmail system for feedback and direct growth support to help members improve their servers!

So stop on by and join in on the fun! We know that we have a lot to offer you!

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Ratings & Reviews

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Terran[XD] Terran[XD]
Not the best, but good!
This server grows REALLY fast and most of the channels for advertising are active. I don't know if it helped me really gain members. I think Advertise Your Server is better there but the advice this server provided helped me alot so I am happy

AYS is still my favorite advertising server so CHECK THEM OUT TOO
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Dancing Jiggly Dancing Jiggly
Thoughts on my server, my apologies to someone, + more.
This is probably the last thing I will ever say here (and I know I've said this a few times already), but just for some closure to someone and some just.. general venting.

So I started this server 5 months ago, just for fun as a little experiment and it grew much faster than I expected it to! Tbh I don't know how long I will continue to advertise this server since I have class and other interests, but the amount of friends I've made, support I've received, and positive feedback from active members has been amazing and I'm definitely grateful for all that!

But sometimes, I also mess up. To the user who I upset, I get how you feel and at the time I truly believed you were just a mean person but none of that matters to me anymore. I should have never ranted about how you treated me to anybody, I should have just kept it to myself. I never intended for you to meet one of my friends and for them to call you mean. I'm a human and I made a bad impulsive decision when I felt upset. I can't believe I'm using this page to post personal drama but yeah.. lol.

The month has been full of ups and downs for probably all of us, but I'm learning how to better deal with personal conflicts and I'm learning how to be less emotionally fragile. If anyone who joins wants support or feedback, I'm always happy to offer it when I'm not busy! I love helping people. It's fun and part of why I started this server!

Also we have been trying to improve ourselves, and our staff as a whole and I have been making an effort to make it so that as few people have negative experiences as possible, it's my job as long as I continue to be involved with this server. xP

I hope everyone has a happy holiday and hopefully a good new year. :)
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PerpetuaForever PerpetuaForever
This server has so many different categories of advertisements!! I love browsing the servers and finding the perfect ones. Vanille is a close friend as well as some of the other staff there, but even if i didn't know them i would honestly be writing a review just as good. I hope this server can grow and grow.
Dancing Jiggly Dancing Jiggly
Admin response
Aw thanks.
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The Koopa The Koopa
Good enough
I have tried many advertising servers and they are all very similar but what helped me in this server is the owner was very receptive and personally took some time to help me with mine which I am very thankful for.