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Proto RP Naruto
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Proto RP Naruto


Welcome to a world of strange opportunity, of risk, danger, and excitement. The curious find deep secrets, monsters in disguise, and unlikely friends. Draw power from within, from the body, and nature. Weapons to throw, to strike, slash, and break. The world is at violent peace, waiting for a change, for a catalyst. Will there be a war? Will the monsters break free? Maybe you will be that catalyst.

🔮An Alternate Universe of Opportunity🔮

The world is familiar, filled with chakra, shinobi, and dazzling techniques of masterful ninja. So many different faces, so many strange places. The history you might know is so very different, leaving the future in your hands. With no great heroes to save the day, will you step up? 

🗻 Experience a Brand New Adventure! 🗻

Fulfil your Ninja Way with [Proto RP] Naruto, a fresh and unique take on the classic franchise. Filled with competent and experienced roleplayers willing to assist, come learn to be a ninja with help and hindrances. Missions, Events, Spars, and Epic Battles await those that commit to the way of the ninja. Will you have the will to surpass your foes?

💶 Work Hard to Earn Ryo and Custom Jutsu💱

Systems of great care and love of the source and roleplay make every action count. Working hard Earns money, and money can be used to progress your character and even learn brand new things. Custom jutsus and ninja animals can be earned and trained to make your ninja a renowned master themselves. Will you become the God of Shinobi?

⛩ Progress Through a Story of Generations⛩

Starting around 40 years before the time the canon started, our journey moves ever forward, allowing anyone to begin a fresh start with fellow Genin, lead by the Chuunin and Jonin that came before. Anyone can reach their potential here…
Will you?
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Ratings & Reviews

41 reviews
Faveryy Faveryy
Pretty awesome RP server
Everyone, more often than not, is welcoming and friendly. Everything is well laid out and can be found pretty easily once you look through everything - the rules are also very clear and fair, which is awesome. Though I wouldn't recommend if you don't like reading or writing - however, that's pretty standard for RP servers. The only complaint I have is that some systems and other things are slightly confusing, however, I can personally look over that, seeing as how there are so many systems and stuff in the first place.
18 days ago
Minimorp Minimorp
Epic place
I don't have a lot to say for this one. It's quickly become a large part of my life that I spend more time on than is healthy. The people here are absolutely wonderful, and the atmosphere is unlike any I've ever seen before.
In terms of actual roleplay, this server is one of the best places to learn how to grow and expand your horizons. The proto means beginner <3
25 days ago
MechanicusChild MechanicusChild
Neat Place
M'kay, member of about a month here talking. This is honestly a really nice place. Systems are hella nice plus it really delivers on a literate atmosphere that (in my opinion) hasn't exactly existed on other servers. It's incredibly open-ended and it allows for a lot of character customization. Plus, the character growth system is also nice. Staff are nice as well.

Hee yaw
53 days ago
Roket089 Roket089
My time I've spent here has been truly amazing. I've met new people and I've got better at roleplay in the process, You might have your doubts at the beginning. But once you get everything you need to done, you'll have a splendid Journey.
71 days ago