A light-hearted Community Server with a Legend of Zelda theme!
Make friends, post your Art, Music, Stories, Whatever you like! We are still growing but we'd love you to be apart of our community.

What do we have?
- 👩‍💻Server Currency and Games!
- 🎶Wholesome Art, Music and Video Channels
- 💫Self-Assignable Roles
- 💚Cute lil' emotes!
- 👀Staff-run Events!
- 💕Friendly Users and Staff
- 👼No NSFW/NSFL Content!
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Shazni💔 Shazni💔
My lady
The server owner, “the lady” tries hard and replies to every message, she is really the best mod I met, hardworking, and merciful. I will serve the lady till the end
~ Floofy Witch ~ ~ Floofy Witch ~
Friendly and open
The server is filled with a lot of open minded, fun to talk to, and easy going peope. Very welcoming and you feel safe without feeling like rules are breathing down your neck 10/10 would recommend
Ayako Ayako
Great Set-Up
The server has been set up with great roles with simple rules to understand to create a friendly, interactive server which is constantly monitored. Everyone is made welcome so I'd say join to meet new potential friends to talk and game with. There's even a section for the artists out there.
Rosie Rosie
I may own this server but I do speak honestly when i say that ive worked hard to produce a place in which not only I, but everyone who joins is comfortable, heard and has a fun time!