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Devil's Playground
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Devil's Playground

Devil's Playground is a server made for people to make new friends and chill out in. The server has great staff, friendly people voice chats every day and night, active members, and a lot of other things you should check out. We want to make a server that relaxing and chill for everyone to take a break and have fun in. Take a break from the things your doing right now and join Devil's Playground.

Things we offer
-NSFW area for 13+ people.
-Great staff.
-Art channels with amazing artists.
-Self roles.
-Level up roles with Tatsumaki.
-Great bots.
-Voice chats every night and day.
-Active members.
-And a bunch of other things for you to check out!
*We are usually more active at night so if you are a dark soul or night demon then come join us!*
*Looking for ACTIVE MEMBERS only*
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Toby Fox Toby Fox
Its the best playground
Its had a really good introduction, it wasn't very complicated to understand, good healthy rules that are reasonable. Overall seems like a good server to go hangout at.
395 days ago
Kowalski Kowalski
Very good 10 out of 10 should join. A lot of things todo and a great community. Great staff too.
428 days ago