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Next Level Trades Discord is all about teaching, helping and mentoring anyone willing to learn. We specialize in trading stocks and options. We have nightly classes on a wide range of subjects all related to the stock market. These classes are free but you must attend live if you're not a member. We also have a great community of people which is very helpful in itself. Being able to connect with others that share your interest in the market is very beneficial, it is turning out to be a big attraction that our members enjoy very much.
Learn from professional traders with years of experience. We teach loss mitigation which huge for beginners. We spend time developing a plan and strategy that works for you, and accommodates your lifestyle.
We also give live alerts and live feedback on trades! Develop skills that normally take years to master!  Everyone needs a strategy.

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Akahana Akahana
Join now!
I’ve been a member for only a short time but have learned so much! This group is unlike any other. They actually want to teach you to be a better trader. I listened in on their weekly recap and am amazed with the info they provided. 🤯 Join the server you will not be disappointed!
Rumbiskit Rumbiskit
Been profitable ever since joining
Five stars all the way. Nice supporting group. Been following a few of the admins wayy before the discord was even created. Great people, and a great opportunity to grow financially together.
erpauling erpauling
Great Community!!
Everyone here is extremely helpful and willing to teach new traders what they know. There are people that specialize in all types of trading and all have been willing to answer questions and help each other so all can have the best chance at success.
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RandySinksMoney RandySinksMoney
Bunc h of Nutheads
These guy s think they that are the best, but they scamme their member s and the pe ople in the charge get to all the money! It s a obvious scam...
Shikoku🦊ken Shikoku🦊ken
Admin response
Sorry you feel that way. I think most of our members would disagree with you. As you can see from the other reviews. We invite you to come check us out and see for yourself.
If there is anything we can do for you let me know.