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My Hero Academia Sewer Rats
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My Hero Academia Sewer Rats

This BNHA server is a in character based group chat! Come in, choose your favorite character, and hang out with your fellow students/villains/pro-heroes! No audition required!
MothGuts Bumped 118 days ago

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DancingQueen DancingQueen
Fantastic Server
This server is honestly one of the few BNHA server's that isn't toxic. Its got the right amount of memes, shipping and fun. You can role play if you want but if not then feel free just goof off. Everyone is super nice and positive. Nobody is really rude or annoying and there are plenty of characters available. I insist on joining.
Eliza Eliza
Slightly toxic
It's a mixture in between good people and being toxic, if yaoi is your thing definetly join, It's just too dead for me