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🎨We are a fetish share community of artists, writers, ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, concept sharing, and roleplayers. PROMOTING YOUR ART HERE is 100% acceptable especially if you are looking for COMMISSIONS. Sometimes there are even FREE ART sketching streams.

💋There is no kinkshaming~
However, we do not allow loli/shota hentai, child abuse, animal abuse, or real gore as those are absolutely against discord's policy.

🎭We have public roleplaying rooms on the server so you can read, share, and enjoy. There are also rp request rooms for finding a partner or requesting rping in dms.
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Oswald Oswald
Most Excellent
10/10 "I found my dad here picking up a new discord mommy."
10/10 "Best Cat Dad."
10/10 "Needs more water temples."

All in all, its a nice, small place at the time of writing this. As stated by Ace, artists get their own little plot to post their art and writing, as well as making themselves open for commission work. The roleplay is small at the moment, but more rooms and features are added frequently as we grow into something greater.

We hope to see you here. Happy Lewding~
ace ace
Chill times
It's a pretty chill place and it's made of artist and roleplayers, they are what makes this server thrive.

Artists get their own galleries.
No bullshit is tolerated.
Roleplay rooms are hidden behind a character approved role so only roleplayers can see them and or request erps with others.