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❈ 3X ❈
Welcome to 3X! a porn server with several different types of porn channels, Each channel has its own specific need.

Plenty of porn channels!

18+ chats!

Nudes! (18+)

Meme channels, bots!

** Fully automated NSFW section 24/7 flow of nsfw content. **

New stuff all the time!

A bit of hentai

Roles to fit your needs!

Awesome community

Teddy Is A Liar Bumped 2 hours ago

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??? ???
Cool server, had some nice stuff.
So first of all the owners were sick, they were strict as all owners should be. There were rules that have been set down to make sure people follow them. Applications are set up well I took a lil look xd. Anyways overall I like the server.
509 days ago
Xavier Xavier
Very Nice server.
Personally I had joined for the porn/NSFW but I began to speak a bit more with the community and I liked it. Nice active owners with nice roles to choose from!
509 days ago
Worthless Fuck Worthless Fuck
Whoop De Doo
Knowing these owners for a while they do it just right with their owner duties. This server shall be smooth, strong and long-lasting just like the other ones they own. From the first glance it looks like a wild ass server where ya'll should have a lot of fun. Watch it with the "fun" though, the owners know when to purge you outta there when you do rubbish.
See you guys in there!

509 days ago
Gn'bthnknyth Gn'bthnknyth
Cool server if you like Pron
You can also join Hentaiarcade owned by a friend of the owners
510 days ago