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안녕하세요 저는 서버 운영자 누가바도누가바입니다. 이 서버는 한국인과 외국인이 같이 공동으로 쓰는 서버입니다.

-한국인과 외국인 체널을 분리해서 씁니다
-수다, 애니, 게임, 동영상, 체스, 노래 등 재미있는 체널들 있습니다.
-언론의 자유를 존중해 주는 서버이며 지킬규칙은 되게 간단합니다.
-외국체널을 접속하고 싶은 회원님들은 셀프역할 체널에서 역할을 드립니다
-처음 시작하는 서버라 많은 접속을 해주세요.

Hello, my name is 누가바도누가바. I am the admin of this server. This server is made for Koreans and foreigners.

-This server separates the the korean and foreign channels
-We have community, games, anime, chess, and many more fun things in our servers
-We pride ourselves by respecting the freedom of speech and will not censor.
-We give autoroles to get into Korean designated channels
-We are just starting out so please stay with us so we can grow into a large community
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ValTennis&Fishin ValTennis&Fishin
For mah boi
So I joined cuz he my boi irl and we go fishin and stuff and like the server is aight I guess i mean yeah like idk korean but we still chillin and stuff 😎😎
248 days ago
chivalris chivalris
20 years of jail without parole/10
it’s really fun !! it’s pretty active and people are very friendly~ everyone is also very respectful and fun to interact with ^^
255 days ago