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The cloudy village💜
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The cloudy village💜

Hello! This is the bio for a random server on disboard. this server, is the cloudy village!

We're a small server that is dedicated to helping people make connections and find friends. We are all super awkward and we just wanna help you find a place that you can come back to time and time again and feel comfortable in <33

Like said before, we're small and currently under heavy maintenance so we take all criticism super seriously no matter what.

Help us grow and let's take this weird journey together.

I hope to see you around the village

sincerely, "Prince the creator"
Pevensie Bumped 3 hours ago

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Pevensie Pevensie
An escape into a cloudy wonderland<3
This server, The Cloudy Village, is like a second home to me. I joined less than two months ago, and already I have grown to love this place- I've met some super cool people who really brightened up my life! Through various vcs, joking around on games and late nights spent chatting about life with le epic gamer boys, I've learned more about friendship than anywhere else,
I really don't mean to compare, but amongst the different servers on disboard, this one really stands out to me. There aren't many members, but quality over quantity totally shows. These guys made me feel at home straight away; It's a place I feel truly cared about. They aren't members- they're the best friends in the world.
So if you are looking for a village to stop by on your journey, come around to ours: The Cloudy Village. I promise it isn't as cringe as the entire paragraph I just wrote, kek. I love these guys, and I hope to see you there ^^
KureaBea~ KureaBea~
I love it
It is nice they all know me and care and they wouldn't ever judge me or anyone. They make lots of jokes!
Dominicalis Dominicalis
A welcoming and kind community! A great place to chill and meet people, I highly recommend!