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Limenitis Arthemis

🦋 ~ Limenitis Arthemis ~ 🦋
A friendly server inviting anybody interested in the occult. This includes witchcraft, wiccan, pagan, just interested or learning, and everything in between. We view our members like family and friends. You are safe here. We look forward to seeing you:)

✨ -Must be 15+ to join
✨ -LGBTQ+ and PluralKit friendly
✨ -An extensive library for occult books
✨ -A Supportive Community
✨ -Merchant chats for artists to sell and trade
✨ -A fun astrology and divination kitty bot
✨ -Weekly classes hosted by our members
✨ -Detailed info posts every sabbat
✨ -Game nights!

-- And also a cute, but subtle, butterfly theme! 🦋
Once you join, be sure to read the rules, post an intro, and check out our variety of self-assignable roles. Blessed be!
Cloverxotl🍀 Bumped 3 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Shade Shade
One of the best wicca servers i've seen!
Wonderful server with a great information base, and defiantly not as toxic as other servers! (Ahem, Witch Camp) Accepting and lovely community.
87 days ago
《Source_Code》 《Source_Code》
Friendly community
Everybody is welcome, even non-pagans.

Moderating is adequate and I find that everybody has a story that I can relate with, even with the massive differences in lifestyles and beliefs.
178 days ago
TheBiChild TheBiChild
It vibes
It's super fun to just talk in here, and there's a ton of things people can teach us, baby witches! I knew next to nothing and now know way more than ever! The library is really big and the staff are friendly, all in all, a wonderful server filled with kind, welcoming people.
210 days ago
Freikorptrasher Freikorptrasher
Good server
Talk about all the alternative stuff thing here like ghost,witchcraft, summoning and hexing.
229 days ago