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Plato’s Republic
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Plato’s Republic

The purpose and aim of the server is to be an environment conducive to intellectual growth and enrichment for our members. We wish to use reason above all else to solve problems and questions, particularly regarding those of politics and philosophy. “Truth" is our highest good and value, and our loyalty ultimately is to the truth only. Thus in Plato's Republic, we seek to use reason and logic to find truth through rigorous thinking that we wish to be as self-aware, self-correcting, self-directed and self-disciplined as humanly possible. We seek to create members who extol objectivity and eschew dogma as that is the first step in becoming a lover of wisdom.
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Ratings & Reviews

69 reviews
Lukaa Lukaa
Best political/philosophical server I'm in
The server has a great quality of discourse, toxic behaviors are minimal so the discussions are mostly productive. You'll meet lots of interesting and most importantly nice people there
20 days ago
Hoi4noob Hoi4noob
Very nice discord server
People are very nice and I should write sth funny but I have no idea what to ride.
54 days ago
DeKantt DeKantt
A genuine server for discussion
I joined a couple of servers before this one hoping to find an active philosophical server. Not only did this exceed expectations, but its activities extend to politics, theology, aesthetics, etc. with the same quality and in an organized manner.
76 days ago
Lao Lao
pretty good
I usually hang out in the philosophy discussion channel. there's a bunch of analytics but they're cool and don't flame me for being a conty
85 days ago