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The Guild Of Champions
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The Guild Of Champions

Hello there! Thank you for checking this out!
This is a Medieval Role Play server, based in the World of For Honor, but our own special twist of it, including magic!

The Age Of Wolves ended 25 years ago, magic was discovered 19 years ago. Oh how the world has changed, war still ravages the land, as the humans thirst for victory can never be quenched fully. What side will you join those doing right or wrong? Or will you merely watch what happens. All up to you..... but be wary of magic around these parts...

We are a 15+ RP server and offer a wide variety of character ideas with mostly limitless ideas for characters and their powers.
We have many areas where you can RP with other members. Our admins will help you along if you have any questions with the server or what to do.

We have a simple level up system that encourages you to RP more to get a higher rank in the server, the higher your rank, the stronger you will become.
We also have rules that are set in place to make things run smoothly, as most servers should have rules to balance things out with them.
We also have new things planned each time an event passes, and are looking for Game Masters/NPC controllers to keep activity up higher!

Now thank you, the person reading this, for reading this, and we hope you join us on this journey!
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