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Warriors: Descendants of the Stars
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Warriors: Descendants of the Stars

☆ A new experience awaits you… ☆

The forest around you is swelteringly hot. The air is still, plants are dying, and you haven’t eaten in days. You are sure this is the end, but a sudden flicker of light catches your eye from your place on the hard, dirt-packed ground. An angel, surely, you think. The she-cat is translucent, but her face is kind as she kneels at your side.

Suddenly, you are reinvigorated with energy. Every sore muscle, torn paw-pad, weary eyes, all gone in an instant. You look around for your savior, but she is gone. On the wind, you seem to hear a whisper, a reassurance of hope. Around you is a three-way crossroad of life. To your left, a redwood forest, trees growing high into the sky regardless of the heat. To your right, thick, course undergrowth and the squawking of birds in the distance. And just behind you, a sandy beach with lapping waves.

Where will you make your home?

☆ …and it will not be easy ☆

Welcome to Warriors: Descendants of the Stars! We are a relatively new warriors roleplay server with active members and an interesting, semi-literate (3+ sentences) roleplay setting. Here, you can join Shoreclan on the beach, Lichenclan in the redwood forest, or Wildclan on the wildlife reserve.

☆ Your journey will be filled with pain and tests of courage ☆

Mother Star gifted the Clans their identities, and Brother gifted them their knowledge. In gratitude of their ancestors, these cats pray to them, and seek guidance from them through the waves of the oceans and the ripples in the streams. Where are their saviors in this time of need?

The territories are growing hot this Greenleaf, and the precious water supplies the Clans rely on and pray to are slowly beginning to dwindle… Omens begin to appear in the form of high ranking deaths and strange prey. While warriors struggle to hunt, medicine cats are overwhelmed with heat sickness, and leaders are left at a loss. The cats are confused; they frantically pray to Starclan, asking what they did wrong.

But Mother Star only watches, and the clans are on their own now...

☆ ...but, in the end, it will be worth it; ☆

We have a lot to offer you are a roleplay server, and we hope you’ll join us today. Here at W:DotS we feature:

😁 A friendly, active community!
👮‍♂️ Kind and supportive staff!
✒️ Fun events and an interesting, character-driven plot!
🗺️ 50+ channels to roleplay in!
📔 Semi-literate writing!
🏳️‍🌈 LGBT-friendly members!
👑 Open high ranks!
💸 A simple, easy-to-use shop system!

☆ You will finally have a place to call home ☆
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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
starkit starkit
Slow starting out, but good overall.
I think this is a very good server. It has unique lore and history, cool clans, the whole package. And once you get into the roleplay, it’s very fun. But the thing is, the start on this server is very slow. It is not super active (which is fine). But the whole process of making a character, editing your character to meet server standards, and finding a roleplay can feel slow. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who dislikes long character sheets and meticulous organization. But otherwise, I’d recommend it to anyone.
4 3
Absolutely wonderful
When I first joined this server, I was new to Discord and overwhelmed by everything there was to see. But, thanks to the admins, I was guided and helped through the server to where I know my way around quite well now. I even made it to be a moderator! This server is such a tight-knit and kind community that I'm so glad I get to be apart of. The admins do their best to do what's right and use better judgement. Please consider this server!
4 3
_Lily-Flower_ _Lily-Flower_
This is literally the best Warrior Cat's server I've ever been in! It has a great plot and lore and all that stuff! And all the people are so nice! All the admins and mods are great and it's an all-around amazing server! Everyone is totally accepting of LGBTQ+ and many other things! It's great fun too! <3
6 3
Happy Coffee Beans Happy Coffee Beans
I luv this server c:
Although I've only been here for a few days, I can already say that this server is amazing. Well organized and amazing staff, as well as some intresting characters that I'd love to RP with in the future! Amazing server and would recommend 3000000/10 c::::