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Sensual Fantasia
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Sensual Fantasia

Welcome to Sensual Fantasia! We're a mixture of hentai, gaming and bullying the server owner. If you're into perverted socializing and making the staff members your slaves, this is the place for you.

Now seriously: Sensual Fantasia is a 18+ ERP/Hentai/Porn Server that has optional/occasional ID checks. Cozy and medium sized, giveaways, nudes, hentai, artist sections and a monthly cycled themed hentai special channel.
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AshenOne AshenOne
A Proper Sunset Dreamscape
Where to even begin?

The moderation team is fantastic and always on top of anything gone wrong, or any suggestions to be made. There's events, giveaways, the whole structure of what's going on with the server being easily seen and communication between the members and the mod team is open and friendly.

The community itself, so far, is a friendly sort of warm and also lewd. There's activity at nearly all hours, and several channels for hobby stuff, gaming, and even a place to post good food.

The ERP edge of the server includes general location channels, a whole bunch of roles for your preferences, a whole nsfw-media section if you're not as much into roleplay...

There's something here for everyone, so would you do me a proper favor and stop reading the review? The only thing we're really missing is members, so just go and join! I'd be certainly happy to see you in general sometime.

Oh and did I even mention the channel that's focused on satisfying certain kinks with captioned art, with a new theme every month?
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WorldendPanda WorldendPanda
Wonderful, friendly, horny, people.
Seriously, I joined this server and was expecting to just lurk, pick a few rp partners, and look at the porn, but this has legitimately been one of my favorite servers to be a part of. I've met some really wonderful people in this server, some I will cherish forever. They will ask you to provide ID if someone in the server suspects you of being underage, or you want to look at the more lewd side of the server, but otherwise they're pretty trusting that you are over 18. Almost everyone treats each other like family, and honestly... I feel like I've known most of them all my lives. This is a wonderful server.
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Temeraire Temeraire
Fat Booties and Cool Cuties
This server makes anyone feel welcomed almost right away! to the point where you feel like you're apart of the group within hours! Also a great place to listen to dwarves named Hera get it on!
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needsumyogurt needsumyogurt
Fun, Welcoming, and Interactive
First and foremost, this server is just straight awesome. They make sure that those who are in the server are +18, that way you don't get into trouble for ERP with a minor. Furthermore, they make sure you are comfortable while in the server. Most members are positive, and look only to make friends and find fellow partners.

There are many types of channels that are offered, and PunyEve, the owner, is simply amazing. She always is giving fun give-aways with colorful names, participating is lewd months such as NNN c;, and is constantly listening to members to make their experience better.

If you are under 18, don't join. You'll be found immediately. The staff is good at what they do. If you do have a mistake with staff, take it up with the owner. I know for a fact that toxic behavior towards staff is not tolerated. <3