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Sensual Fantasia
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Sensual Fantasia

Welcome to Sensual Fantasia! We're a mixture of hentai, gaming and bullying the server owner. If you're into perverted socializing and making the staff members your slaves, this is the place for you.

Now seriously: Sensual Fantasia is a 18+ ERP/Hentai/Porn Server. We don't have a specific focus but we're friends who play games together, send nudes and voice-chat.
PunyEve Bumped 3 hours ago

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Rimmorra Rimmorra
The staff is super friendly and open to help anyone if the can. The owner is QUEEN OF LEWDIES <3
63 days ago
1 6
sugerless_ sugerless_
Friendly,lovely and always horny.
It is truly a "love at first sight" kind of server,you can just stay in the server for a day and fell in love with it immediately.The staff is also super friendly and open for help and the owner is a true cutie.
197 days ago
2 6
thamik thamik
Great server, great staff!
Very friendly and welcoming server, you'll find people at most hours of the day online.

Join in chat and talk with people, or if you're brave voice chat too! A few picture channels for those fans of 2D or 3D, and most importantly a channel for RP advertisements, requests, characters, and a few public RP rooms.

It's a great place, the staff are friendly, and the owner is a QT android
207 days ago
3 7
AshenOne AshenOne
A Proper Sunset Dreamscape
Where to even begin?

The moderation team is fantastic and always on top of anything gone wrong, or any suggestions to be made. There's events, giveaways, the whole structure of what's going on with the server being easily seen and communication between the members and the mod team is open and friendly.

The community itself, so far, is a friendly sort of warm and also lewd. There's activity at nearly all hours, and several channels for hobby stuff, gaming, and even a place to post good food.

The ERP edge of the server includes general location channels, a whole bunch of roles for your preferences, a whole nsfw-media section if you're not as much into roleplay...

There's something here for everyone, so would you do me a proper favor and stop reading the review? The only thing we're really missing is members, so just go and join! I'd be certainly happy to see you in general sometime.

Oh and did I even mention the channel that's focused on satisfying certain kinks with captioned art, with a new theme every month?
222 days ago