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Combination of Worlds
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Combination of Worlds

This server is a combination of Marvel and Dc.
We offer:
•Active Owners, Moderators, and Volunteers
•Active Members that Roleplay
•Open to creativity
•Usage of Canon Parents
•Open to Original Characters

Here’s some of the lore:

About 10 years ago, The two universes were at war. Marvel was facing Thanos while DC was facing Darkseid. The thing is there was a sudden out burst that caused the villains to become ten times stronger than what they used to be. This made the heroes and some villains of both universes hard to fight for their lives. As the war went on for a good 2 years before everything exploded. It caused both universes to combine themselves so that they were fighting Thanos and Darkseid together. As eventually all the heroes and villains lost from what people say was the explosion of the century. This energy explosion killed absolutely all canon characters.......

As to read the rest of the lore-
Join the server and have fun!!
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