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Underachieving Wankers Union™
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Underachieving Wankers Union™

Cool active place for retards and losers to chat
Minimal rules
Dont join if you are a sensitive faggot baby
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I’m Sorry I’m Sorry
They’re pp heads but in a good way
It’s very active and you’ll meet a lot new people. It has a very friendly vibe to the server and if you get bored you can just look at porn.
Spifren Spifren
This Server Gives Me Cancer (in a Good Way)
This server has good staff (I'm not self promoting, but, I'm easily the best member), and a simple design with pleasing aesthetics. The people can be toxic from time to time, but it's a surprisingly nice and supportive community. The toxicity in this server is on par with that of Chernobyl, but it's cool because Chernobyl mutates animals and created a catfish with two mouths! 10/10 Amazing server!
=Mia= =Mia=
Oh hey, a nsfw server
I enjoy UWU, mostly for its community (which are mostly lewdies but we don't really talk about that here), the owner and mods are active, and fun to chat with, Q.M.O (Or Lee) is incredibly nice and kind, she has been a huge friend to me, and this server is still very young
It has been growing like crazy, and for those reasons (not talking about the hentai duh) is why I recommend this server to all my fellow lewdies
porrrch porrrch
A bunch of losers
As qmo as stated , I am one of the lonley pathetic virgin, I fit in well here and post nothing but asian girl pictures because I’m a yellow fever f***** in denial

-soon to be wizard