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BNHA-AU Fractured Reality
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BNHA-AU Fractured Reality

Hello and welcome to BNHA-AU Fractured Reality! We offer a cornucopia of benefits. Let me list a few out for you...
-A close tight knit community that doesn’t take itself too seriously

-Opportunities to create your own storylines

-Original events and plots!

-Some canon characters (not all)

-Acceptance of all literacy levels (however literate is preferred)

-Lots of interesting places to RP in!

-Active Staff

-Supportive community

-LGBT friendly

-Self roles

(Note: We are currently working on setting up regular classes for students, and an overarching plotline involving a gang similar to LoV)
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Fridge Fridge
guud servar i lov it,.,,,,. noice staf peeple
Fr tho its a pretty cool server and the members are great people!! 😳😳
Alexii Alexii
i like it
Lmao issa good server i guess. I dont like doing real reviews, so fuck it. I mean, it's a good server. Don't join if you don't like canon characters. You can either have an oc or try out for a canon character.