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BNHA-AU Fractured Reality
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BNHA-AU Fractured Reality

Hello and welcome to BNHA-AU Fractured Reality! We offer a cornucopia of benefits. Let me list a few out for you...
-A close tight knit community that doesn’t take itself too seriously

-Opportunities to create your own storylines

-Original events and plots!

-Some canon characters (not all)

-Acceptance of all literacy levels (however literate is preferred)

-Lots of interesting places to RP in!

-Active Staff

-Supportive community

-LGBT friendly

-Self roles

(Note: We are currently working on setting up regular classes for students, and an overarching plotline)
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Ratings & Reviews

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Fridge Fridge
guud servar i lov it,.,,,,. noice staf peeple
Fr tho its a pretty cool server and the members are great people!! 😳😳
Nyoo Nyoo
Don’t join.
Bad server, the owners are unjust and ban people without reason. DO NOT JOIN. The staff team takes forever to approve your application, and their canon character tryout is rigged af.