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The Losers Who Stole Christmas

The Losers Who Stole Christmas

The servers getting deleted during the middle of January, so join while you can, and then ill invite to my backup server
If you are under the age of 15, please do not join! We do not want any illegal things happening in here or having young people getting exposed to things they should not be exposed to yet.

Hiya! how are you guys today? Im doing well thank you for asking. So youre scrolling through disboard searching for a nice active server? Well search no more buddy, you have found that server. Here at loser centeral you are welcomed by the many loving members with open arms. whether youre a real loser or not, we will still love you. WE SO WHOLESOME BTW EEEE <3

This messages was brought to you by alex also know as lookatmeimedgy also know as the owner. She would appreciate you joining

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Tok Tok
Honestly, this server is pretty solid
Overview: The Members are active. Owner has a sense of humor
The Staff will enforce their rules so don't test them(Trust me, I've tried).

Environment: When you join, expect to be bombarded by the welcome staff. You may feel threated at first, but as long as you're chill you'll survive. Prepare to select some roles because if you don't, you'll be kicked. The chat is extremely random, and most members will find a way to slip in some sort of innuendo into the conversation. Everyone jokes around, so don't take them too seriously, and their humor is all in good fun.

Advice for anyone looking to join:
Select your Roles, Be Active, and Be Patient(Chat can be busy, so your message might be lost in the flood).
There are a ton of channels so I recommend muting/hiding the ones that don't interest you.

Summary: It's Chill, Be Chill, Enjoy.
234 days ago
山乇乃乃|乇 山乇乃乃|乇
A great place to make friends
This place is very welcoming and friendly.the mods are respectful and do their jobs well. If your looking for a server to make long lasting friends this is the place.
269 days ago
jiyebunny jiyebunny
♡ This server is like a true family. ♡
I joined the server 1 month ago, and I made very close friends here on the server. The owner, staff, and members are truly nice people. If you need support and good advice, this is the place. Also, the chats can be really hilarious and that everyone actually cares for each other. It's mostly active depending on the time and the day. To the members, you are truly precious.
286 days ago
carlissnicole carlissnicole
absolute madness luv
when i first joined this server i was like :| “ i ain’t gonna make no friends everyone’s gonna ignore me -uwu “ BUT that was not le case for i have made SO many friends and everyone is so kind and accepting as well as supportive. this server is like mi familia but not really because the ages are a mess but you get my point. or do you ? anyways great server 10/10 good people great friends love 100% good would recommend if u want friends uwu
301 days ago