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Galar Gathering

A new server to meet friends and discuss news and rumors surrounding Pokemon, as well as all things Nintendo!
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♡ υωυ ♡ ♡ υωυ ♡
I'd say the best pokemon server by a long shot, as soon as you join you instantly feel like you're welcome. And it's so easy to make new friends, I know a lot of people will say this but this server has definitely helped me make new friends and make me a whole lot happier.
Nihilistic_Nugget Nihilistic_Nugget
The best pokemon server on discord!
This is an amazing community of pokemon fans! I have spent the last three months here and I have had the chance to meet many wonderful people who have become my best friends. This server and these people have changed my life.
Cheeyev Cheeyev
An all around positive place!
If you're looking for a general server to talk around Pokemon, this is it! The users here are generally pretty friendly and jolly and there's always something to talk about. Just as a warning, though, if you're looking for Pokecord, this isn't the server for you.
Scareskii Scareskii
Galar Gathering Report :3
The server itself is pretty stable and active at a consistent rate the majority of the time. They are very friendly and positive but will not tolerate raids/trolls.