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Asian Invasion
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Asian Invasion

Welcome to Asian Invasion

🍙 - Heyo, welcome to Asian Invasion we are welcoming server. We are very friendly and do not tolerate toxicness! If your nice and warm-hearted and like Asian culture then our server is the place for you!

🍚 - We have many things sorted around asian culture we hope for you to join the server!

🍜- We have games events, movie nights and karaoke nights! All sorts of fun activities to keep you entertained!

☕️ - A Newly-made server Looking for new staff!!
If you're interested in becoming a staff message a mod or admin!

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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
mattyice mattyice
i love the owner and the staff
don't listen to what other people say this server is the best server ever. the staff is so and and the owner is wonderful. the owner is a professional. he's the best at his job and NEVER jumps to conclusions. he makes everything fare and unbiased if there is a situation of course. everyone is welcoming and nice i would recommend everyone to join!!
kthrn kthrn
actually a child running a server
this server was good at first but it turns down a whole notch when the owner is never there to control things since he always hiatus but takes credits for everything other people did since he had full "ownerships" yikes so literally everyone who kept the server alive dipped to another server. So if you join watch out.
sanabear sanabear
i love this server so much i cried bc it makes me so happy
bruh this place changed my life on god
the people here are my best friends now
join it or u will be missing out on all the fun
danielmb239 danielmb239
Great sever great people
This server has amazing people,

Everyone there is super welcoming and nice.
I met so many new people on the server and iv gotten so many friends it's amazing. I recommend all of you to join the Asian Invasion!!!