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Asian Invasion
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Asian Invasion

Welcome to Asian Invasion
➡️Newly-made Asian community discord server looking for new people to join.
➡️Enjoy our chill group chats and meet new friends/people
➡️Everyone here is welcoming and nice (don't be shy)
➡️Looking for Helpers <3
➡️Don't be scared to join the Asian Invasion
- zinsh Bumped 1 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
- zinsh - zinsh
Fun, welcoming community
They have a very diverse community and staff. It's a safe zone :) There is an NSFW chat too. It's an active server and its pretty chill.
sanabear sanabear
i love this server so much i cried bc it makes me so happy
bruh this place changed my life on god
the people here are my best friends now
join it or u will be missing out on all the fun
danielmb239 danielmb239
Great sever great people
This server has amazing people,

Everyone there is super welcoming and nice.
I met so many new people on the server and iv gotten so many friends it's amazing. I recommend all of you to join the Asian Invasion!!!