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Cult of the Windward Star
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Cult of the Windward Star

Cult of the Windward Star is a Left Hand Path focused Occult and Traditional Witchcraft server for intermediate - advanced practitioners [18+ only].
We are specific to no path, though many of us come from a mixed background within Hermetics, Alchemy, Thelema, Satanism, Chaos Magick, Jungian psychological approach and more.

We offer:
- An active book club with weekly scheduled discussions;
- Knowledgeable, experienced core members;
- Top quality off topic conversations - art, science, metaphysics, NSFW, general musings. And of course, lots of shitposting.

We do not cater to individuals whom have just begun their path, nor do we wish to provide a safe space for individuals of a sensitive temperament.

We are a close-knit community and appreciate getting to know everyone who joins, everyone eventually becomes well acquainted with one another.
We do not appreciate lurkers.

If you’re looking for an active community, come and join us.
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Commander Clausy Commander Clausy
Best Occult Server I've Been In
This server is meant for mature partictioners of the occult, which is a breath of fresh air in a community oversaturated with servers aimed at beginners.

Philosophical conversations are a frequent happening and are fun to observe and participate in, as well as casual conversation anyone can join into. Great atmosphere, great staff.
Yog Yog
Fave advanced occult/witchcraft server
My favourite occult/witchcraft server for intermediate and advanced adult practitioners - no edgelords, no children. The wide spectrum of members' approaches to and experiences of the craft is highly intellectually stimulating; the book club offers an opportunity for re-reading some classics as well as reaching for books that one might've not otherwise read. Cult of the Windward Star offers an environment in which everyone is open both to learn and teach, inspire, support and motivate each other, as well as challenge towards growth.