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Hey! C'mon in here!

Here you can find people to play Rocket League with and have a stellar time! Love Pokecord? Then you aren't going believe all the Pokemon our "Poke-master" has! Don't worry about beating him ;) but he will help you become more powerful if you ask!

We are always helpful and friendly and if you need more people like that in your life then we want you to join PoweredUpGaming discord server!!

We welcome streamers here and stive to help them grow! Come! Stream with us, play or just be part of the crowd as we suport each others stream! You are most welcome here! :)

Main Location of players:
- US (we have EU and OCE players too :)

1. Be friendly
2. Be helpful
3. Don’t post NSFW content or get instantly BANNED (server for all ages)
4. Enjoy !
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