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The biggest and most active Brawl Stars related Discord Server in Greece.

Pitagyro is currently placed at the #1 spot on the local leaderboard and it keeps rising.

⚔️ Organized
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Languages: Greek & English.

You are all welcomed to join.

#PitagyroArmy ✍🏻
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⚡CocOp⚡ ⚡CocOp⚡
My review
Καλησπέρα , Το discort της Pitagyro είναι ένα από τα καλύτερα ,οργανωμένα dis servers στην Ελλάδα και ειδικότερα στο Brawl stars.. Φοβερό κλίμα , οι admins είναι εκει για να επιβάλουν τάξη σε κάθε ζήτημα .. Επίσης δεν μπορώ του παραπάνω για την οργάνωση και με το πώς έχουν φτιάξει έτσι τα channels..
PolluxLight PolluxLight
Amazing Greek Brawl Stars Server!
If you're Greek and you like playing Brawl Stars definitely join this server! A lot of friendly people and a great staff! I had an amazing time meeting new people and playing with them through Brawl Stars!
Pëķķăŕęťůřñ§ Pëķķăŕęťůřñ§
If you love BrawlStars and want an enjoyable,cooperative,helpful place to be then the Pitagyro Server is for you!All was the people there are amazing and will do everything they can in order to make you feel like at home,let’s take into consideration the hardworking staff behind all this.If you don’t have to be playing Brawl Stars,no problem you can join and still experience everything that got mentioned above!Overall I am grateful that Iam a part of such a family I would say!
IntrovertedCat IntrovertedCat
In regards to what the user "DJ2000" said:
Nobody, and I mean NOBODY in the server has talked to him in a bad manner or has been racist towards him. It's against the rules! We don't tolerate discrimination in any shape or form! He messaged two of our Mods privately to complain about literally nothing. He made his departure a big deal out of thin air. In his review, he's not talking about his "friend", he's talking about himself. Also, all the Greeks in the server speak modern Greek, so his comments about speaking "broken modern greek" make no sense to me, we also speak English sometimes so him saying that we banned him because he spoke in English is 100% bullcrap. I hope his toxic little self stays away from this website. Way to go and play the victim kid. Some fresh air would help in your case, τα περαστικά μου.