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Centauri Station★

☆ Welcome to Centauri Station. We are a STRICTLY 18+ Science-Fiction C/E/RP Server. ☆

Created from a passion for the genre and from exhaustion of the fantasy, school, supernatural and mansion roleplay settings, we proudly present our hours of work to the world.

Our features include:

☆ Deep, handmade lore that includes Races, Planets, and Factions; we also encourage people to craft their own and submit them for approval to be added to the canon of our universe.
☆ An easy-to-learn setting aboard the crime-ridden planet of Proxima Centauri-b.
☆ A custom in-server tabletop built from the ground up, which makes use of the in-server currency and items. This feature is still in development, but is being worked on actively.
☆ A plethora of Community and Hentai/Porn-related channels for your enjoyment. This includes memes, art channels, and more.
☆ A special VIP Deck for Verified users, including Selfies and Nudes.
☆ Specially-categorized E/RP Request Boards.
☆ “Custom Rooms” which allow you to RP in areas outside of our pre-made assortments.

It is the year 3020 and for one reason or another you have ventured to the planet of Proxima Centauri-b, famous for its two massive cities “El Dia” and “La Noche”. Sadly life is never as pretty as the advertisements and quickly you realize that you’ve dove head-first into a cutthroat, crime-ridden world. Become a Freelance Operative, a Corporate Bloodhound, or whatever it takes to survive in the seductively cruel world of neon lights.

☆ See you there, Space-Farer! ☆
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
The infinite juice The infinite juice
Great place
A really welcoming and chill server with paragraphs and paragraphs of interesting lore. If you take the time to read and comprehend the lore you can easily make an interesting character. The staff is pretty chill aswell
123 days ago
~~DesertRainbow~~ ~~DesertRainbow~~
Honest review
I love the place. The lore is well-made and the staff take contributions and make little adjustments to make more interesting. Ideas are always welcome. The only downside is the quiet times for the european zone. As a small server, it's to be expected. Can't wait for it to grow into a proper hub!
257 days ago
DruidOfTheNight DruidOfTheNight
Nice af
Come for the sci-fi, stay for the amazing people. I've only been welcomed and accepted by these people, and while it may be slow at times, the community more than makes up for it
257 days ago
Slurp Slurp
10/10 Server!
The lore is r e a l l y well made , a lot of thought put into it and the people there are just friendly overall.
299 days ago