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Looking for a good Game Of Thrones Role Play community with active admins and nontoxic community? You found just the place for that.
Game Of Thrones Fall Of The Dragon set 100 years after the books and the show. We are a community of literate Roleplayers who have spent better parts of their life Roleplaying and building communities. We are fairly lenient when it comes to bios and will happily help you fit into our universe. Most of the great houses have been claimed but we still have over 300 houses that need to be claimed!

What we offer!
● Detailed story
● Great RP
● Active Admins
● Great Community
● Helpful staff
● Easy to learn
● Plenty of channels to RP in
● An option between RTK and PTK
● Battle, Travel and Raven mechanics
● Skill Sheet
● Constantly Updated Lists
● Events
● Wiki page

Up to date Doc with all available houses and the ones that have been claimed:

Our wiki:

After 50 years of peace, dark clouds appear over Westeros once more...
Rumors spread that the King was on his death bed and with no heir,
it seemed like this was be the end of the Targaryen bloodline. All the
Lords of the Great Houses and their vassals were called on to come to
King's Landing where a feast is was held and a tournament to keep the
nobles busy during these dark days. However, things slowly turned awry...and for
the first time in 100 years, no Dragon sits on the Iron Throne.

Now a Lion roars from the Iron Throne, while a Wolf, a Falcon and Desert Snake refuse to bow to him - proclaiming their independence. But the dark clouds gether around the entire world. To the east, the Ghiscari have risen and began to rebuild their once-grand is only a matter of time before the world erupts into a war unlike anything seen since the War of Gods.

Can you profit in this chaos? Come and find out.
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Ratings & Reviews

14 reviews
The Untouchable Patriarch. The Untouchable Patriarch.
Extraordinarily Exceptional.
Fantastic composition defines this well organized place. A plethora of systems, channels, and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere awaits you, along with an abundance of excellent writers and a just group of moderators who take time out of their day to connect with every one of their members.
shell overlord shell overlord
Best dwarf and idiot simulator of the year.
Now I won't lie and say I am a smart person, but man if this community is not an excellent way to show off my skills at being not very smart.

On a more serious note, this com is pretty nifty, it has pretty chill staff (most of the time), roleplaying is pretty top-notch, and plenty of dark jokes to go around. So what are you waiting for? Click the join button, there are many dwarf jokes to make.
Ben Ben
Best RP I've ever joined
This RP is both entertaining and fair and balanced. It has a functioning combat and battle systems and in depth character sheets. The RP is easy to get into with the staff being helpful and an entire Chanel dedicated to wanted adds for different houses.

Most importantly the RP (and not just in my opinion) feels like a genuine continuation of A Song of Ice and Fire ,it's lore being carefully thought out .

Though,the RP is relatively new it's got solid foundations and an ever changing world that feels real. I don't see it going stale any time soon
Cash Cash
Extraordinary server!
I'll make this quiet simple, though brief. This is an extraordinary server, both very unique and amazing. Most GoT servers you can say pretty much die in a couple months, however, this has been around for quiet an while, and let me say, it's amazing!

From the excellent systems they provide, too the outstanding community full of Literate Roleplayers, and the active and caring staff, it's the ideal and dream GoT server. I have been doing Roleplaying for quiet an long time, and would consider myself both "Super-Literate" and "Literate". Unsure if those are classifications, but moving on, this is an server you MUST join.

I honestly give this an 5/5 stars, because it simply deserves it. What are you waiting for? Give the server an try, I can guarantee you will NOT regret joining this server, because I have been looking for an server JUST like this for so long, I am thankful too god now.